There’s a myth that you can’t measure the return on investment in PR.


Technopolis executed a year-long campaign to introduce a product. The campaign helped to increase press coverage and product reviews by 700 percent, exposed the product to more than 50 million readers a month, and generated more than 150 product awards.

That campaign also helped to establish brand and market positions that were identified as a key asset when a second company invested $9 million in that client.

Similarly, other Technopolis campaigns helped to make several clients visible and credible for acquisition.

Press coverage tracked by one client averaged over 20 million impressions per quarter and generated over 35 percent of incoming leads — while also expanding the press list to over 650 editors in core vertical markets, up from 125 editors.

Technopolis introduced seven software titles for one client the year before that company went public. The prospectus cited PR and marketing for a 67.6 percent increase in net revenues to $16.6 million, up from $9.9 million the prior year.

Not bad, right? But it’s only half the story. The prospectus also reported that each dollar invested by that software client in work executed by Technopolis helped to generate more than $111 in new sales.